Social Responsibility

Being responsible citizens we believe in our mission to serve our homeland and its interests.

In scope of our competencies there are currently three ways we realize our responsibilities in our company:
firstly, by testing and auditing the Armenian web products with a kind intention to contribute to their development, i.e. on regular basis we deliver various site administrators technical assessments and suggestions on solving available problems,
secondly, by finding out young talents with technical background and giving them a chance to grow professionally at a dynamic and fast-moving web development team, i.e. since 2008 we uncovered more than 30 talents, giving them chance to develop their skills and bring to life their talents in the field of web development, and
thirdly, by encouraging art people to present and promote what they have created through web, we serve the social progress and harmonization needs of our society, i.e. musician, performer, sculptor, architect, designer site launches are special moments for our team.