Web Design and Redesign

Need assessment & quote
Based on customer needs initial evaluation, applicableness and disposition of own resources, the initial quote and offer are made to the customer.

PRD creation
The initial preparation of technical document with the customer or its representative, and agreement with assigned person from the company.

Based on earlier approved PRD, the mockups of all pages are presented to customer’s attention and approved or reworked.

Based on PRD and approved mockups the site design layout is reworked and finalized together with assigned person from the company.

The designs of the site all pages go through cross-browser makeup, all JavaScript functions are being programmed. Also if applicable the initial adaptation for SEO is being performed at this stage.

CMS adaptation & programming
The integration of finalized and approved makeups with Cron CMS, programming of special tools requested by the customer, adaptation of administrative interface to customer needs and requirements (content management system owned by DTC) which is responsible for the performance, speed, security and further development of the site).

QA & testing
In line with CMS own testing system (regression testing, unit testing etc.) the site goes through final stage of E2E (end to end) thorough testing, during which the site is being assessed for final perfection and release both by professionals and the customer representative.

The site is moved online for testing on the hosting server and finally released.