Testing & Audit

We are engaged in full range of services to determine the positive & negative factors that have implications on your web-carrier. The kinds of testing and audit we perform are SEO, Technical-Security, also Marketing.

Audit is possible not only for the finished websites & other web products, but also for the ones in stage of development, which includes initial audit of the targeted market segment to determine demand, competition and other factors, technicalities, security level, as well as forecast the prospects for the future conceptual development.

Technical & Security audit
The range of technical & security audit parameters determine the aspects which may affect the smooth & continuous operation of the website. We perform statistical analysis of the errors caused by unauthorized access and of loading speed of pages, and give an estimate of the cross browser compatibility and source code quality (HTML), back-end (CGI, PHP) and front-end (JavaScript) scripts performance, security and vulnerability levels in accordance with de facto standards.

SEO audit
Our specialists perform analysis of the customer site presence in the resource base of main search engines, in particular Google, Yandex and Rambler, as well as analyze the structure of the web-pages and the entire site. In addition, the audit analyzes the link structure of the site to identify and eliminate non-working or malfunctioning links. In order to determine the position of your web-resource in Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc., we analyze the site's visibility in search engines.

Marketing audit
Also we determine attendance web-resource by studying the dynamics of the number of visitors using the counters and server logs, make a "portrait" of the target audience, as well as find all the parameters that can affect the site occupied positions in Google, Yandex, Rambler and other search systems.

Upon completion of the service personnel give the customer a document - A comprehensive detailed report on the results of the audit with recommendations to promote the resources proposed to remedy shortcomings identified so far, and tips for improving the positioning of the site for further effective development in a competitive environment.